Welcome to T80HL!

Welcome to T80HL, or as James put it on the initial homepage, T90HL – 10. We’re going back to the halcyon days of hockey, when the neutral zone trap and the left-wing lock weren’t even dreamed about. It’s the tail end of the Islanders’ run of dominance, while the Oilers are in the midst of their run. Calgary and Montreal are on the upswing while the old division rivalries like Montreal/Quebec, the Rangers/Islanders, the Maple Leafs/Red Wings or Leafs/Blackhawks and the Battle of Alberta raged. You had guys like Mike Bossy still torching the nets while Super Mario was still a young guy trying to drag the Penguins to the postseason. The Great One, Patrick Roy, and others were in their prime while guys like Doug Gilmour, Luc Robitaille, Ray Bourque and others were still on the upswing.

Here’s to the start of a great league with great GMs. Can you overcome the challenges and hoist the T80HL Cup at the end of the season?

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